About Us

Amwest Properties is a Property Management Company that specializes in Affordable Rental Homes throughout Las Vegas. The owner, W. Shane Kelly, has lived in Las Vegas since 1984 and is a life long resident. He has owned his own property management company since 2003 and manages over 100 Single Family Rental Houses throughout Las Vegas and an 82 Unit Multi-Story Motel downtown. Real Estate has always been a desire for Mr. Kelly. Growing up he and his single mother knew all to well about the pitfalls of how bad landlords can and often do operate. He always wanted to do it the right way for people who wanted to live in a house they desired but could not own the house for whatever reason. Taking this knowledge after already owning several commercial buildings, motel and apartment buildings, Mr. Kelly decided to enter the single family residential real estate market in 2008. He purchased 40 rental houses at that time and added the duties of managing those properties to his existing property management company. Over the next several years the number of new rental houses Mr. Kelly purchased more than doubled. Mr. Kelly believes in providing quality service to his tenants. This dedication has paid off and his property management company continues to operate its large portfolio of rental houses proudly with extremely high occupancy rates and high renewal rates.

With a dedicated full-time staff of employees at the company, we have the manpower to handle our tenants’ needs. We never outsource our property management to communicate with our tenants to save money as we do it ourselves and take pride in the service we offer.